Who are we?

"If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success."
/ John D. Rockefeller /

With this motto in 2007 I came to Sweden, country that was not well-known in the fishermen community. The only thing I knew about Sweden was that they had their king, they are good at hockey, they like their herring to have a bit of a „smell“ and that this country has more than 90 000 lakes!
Where to go fishing? Is it allowed to fish there? And most importantly – will the other fishermen be interested?
These questions were the most important on day to day basis. Fishing is my hobby, therefore I have visited hundreds of lakes in the past 10 years, enjoyed northern scents and realised peculiarities of fishing there. And now I am certain of what I need to do!
From a small house in the middle of Sweden to a full fishing complex in Lapland, Storuman, it was the path to something that has been achieved.

We are proud to call our fishing camp "STORUMAN FISHING", as it has become a preferred holiday destination for most fishermen!
Now I can bravely state that we are the first to seriously look at fishing tourism in Northern Sweden, and remain the best due to many years of experience, hard work and endless enthusiasm.
Ur ultimate goal is to give you the most unforgettable experiences and desire to come back again!

Tight lines!
Founder of "Cope Zviedrijā Ltd"


Quality rest is a must for our guests, that being said we make sure to accommodate you in warm, cozy and fully furnished apartments. There is also a vast lounge hall plus fully equipped room for fish gutting and cleaning.
Fishing guide
Base guides are always at your service here, as it is essential for every fisherman to receive as much information as possible on unknown fishing grounds and best fishing methods at certain times.
Water transportation
At our guests convenience, there are more than 30 motorboats in different waters. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to visit plenty extraordinary places and try different types of fishing methods, catch various fish.
Extra services are available at your convenience, if agreed individually with camp‘s owner. For instance: meals, car rentals, van hire for group trips, motorized vehicles hire, grill and BBQ as well as sauna and hot tub along with space to smoke fish.


Fishermen camp

Camp accommodation includes rooms of 4-7. All rooms are fully furnished and include all necessary equipment, furniture, dishes, cutlery as well as free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, gusts are welcome to use our vast lounge area, where they will be able to enjoy various board games along with having conversations and sharing experiences with like-minded people. At your convenience you will find a fully equipped room for fish gutting and cleaning, fish smoking and also freezers for storage. For extra charge the guests are welcome to use the sauna, BBQ and hot tub.

Ice fishing

The winter fishing season in this region begins in November and finishes in May. Only in winter the fishermen will have the opportunity to experience fishing in places where they will not be able to get to in summer. Snowmobiles and ice augers create a Northern Sweden charm. Winter – Spring seasons are perfect for the great European Whitefish. The waters of Northern Sweden create the perfect conditions for cold-loving fish, therefore even in the coldest winter the fish here do not snooze and are super active.

Equipment hire

As you could imagine, when going on a far away trip a fisherman can‘t take everything he might need with him, that is why you will have chance to rent various items: snowmobiles, quad bikes, minibuses, fishing rods, gear such as clothing, tents, ocelots and other necessary equipment.

Fishing in summer

Open water fishing in Northern Sweden starts in June and lasts until October. The summer allows you to fish in miscellaneous waters such as lakes, rivers, mountain rivers where trophy pikes, perch, rainbow trouts, graylings and many more are lurking and hunting for bait. Open water provides an opportunity to fish in various ways such as spinning, fly fishing, trolling and more.

Traveling to the North Sweden

Frequently, camp guests devote part of their time here for sightseeing and other tourist activities. The opportunities are endless: visiting mountain ski trails, fly around in a helicopter to graze landscapes from a bird‘s eye view or visit all natural alpine lakes. In the forests close by you will be able to find an abundance of mushrooms and berries. This experience is a must-try!

Fishing spots

Breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary photo moments – that is the North Sweden, where every fisherman and nature lover dreams of coming back.

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